Review: While We Waited by Tammy Falkner

While We Waited
(The Reed Brothers - Book #8)
by Tammy Falkner
Kindle Edition, 172 Pages
Source: Ebook - Own

She hates babies. He just happens to have one. 
She hates liars. She’s pretty sure he is one. 
She never sleeps with a man more than once. He has only had sex with one woman in his whole life, and now she's gone. 
He has boundaries. She has none. 
He prays before every meal. She silently hopes he'll stop doing that. 
Faith is what's left when everything everything else is stripped away, he says. What will be left when she's naked, stripped, bare, raw? She has no idea. What if there's nothing? 

Fin & Tag

Fin is part of the band Fallen From Zero and was adopted by Marta and Emilio with 4 other girls.

Tag is Wren and Star's biological brother. They were separated when their birth parents died. Tag went with his uncle and Wren and Star were adopted by Emilio and Marta after some hard times in the foster system.

Tag's life was not as great as his sister's think it was. His uncle was not a kind man and Tag felt alone a lot of the time. Tag meet a preacher who changed his life and even married his daughter.

Things did not work out with the 2 of them and she left him to go to college and to be with another man. She also left him with their son to raise on his own.

Tag's sister take him in and forgive him for the past. They love Benjamin and want him to have the best life. Tag and Fin had a one-night stand right before he left to get his son. Fin was not sure if she would ever see him again.

Fin has never really trusted anyone outside of her family to love her. Her birth mother is mentally unstable and used to try to kill her all the time. She opens up to Tag about some of the horrors of her past. Tag and Fin became really good friends and take the relationship to the next level.

Fin falls for Benjamin as well as Tag and she has to place a lot of trust in Tag. Trust she is not sure she has to give and Control that she has never be willing to give to anyone.

Nice, quick story in the series. Helps to link everyone together. I have to say I have been more interested in Lark's past the most and it looks like that will be the next one in the series.

Rating: 2 STARS (due to the shortness of the story)

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