Review: Forever Ink by Carrie Ann Ryan

Forever Ink 
(Montgomery Inc - Book #1.5)
by Carrie Ann Ryan
Kindle Edition, 209 Pages
ASIN: B00RD977C0
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A Tempting Montgomery Ink Novella. A Silver Fox and a Younger Tattoo Artist. Watch the Sparks Fly.Callie Masters loves ink. After finally getting her own chair in Montgomery Ink, she's ready to start being a full time artist, rather than only an apprentice. When Austin, her former boss, gives her one very broody man as her first client, she jumps at the chance to make him hers--in and out of the shop. Morgan McAllister is old money, old connections, and recently has been feeling just old. When he goes in to get his full back piece done after years of putting it off, the bright-eyed woman with the sly smile catches his eye. Between her age, attitude, and views on life, he knows she's all wrong for him, but that doesn't mean she'll keep out of his thoughts. When life throws them together after a few close calls, Morgan and Callie will have to trust in themselves and what their relationship will mean. Between conniving family members, blondes with too much time on their hands, and their own misgivings, trust in the bedroom and out of it won't come easy.
Author Note: Forever Ink was previously found in the Hot Ink Anthology.

Morgan McAllister & Callie Masters

Callie is super stoked about becoming a full fledged tattoo artist. After being Austin Montgomery's apprentice Callie knows she is ready for the next step in her life. She studied under one of the best and working at Montgomery Inc is a dream job for her.

Austin sets Callie up for her first BIG tattoo. I huge back piece that will also wrap around the hips and arm area. The client is one of Austin's old friends, Morgan. Morgan was part of the S&M club scene years ago. That is where Austin and Morgan meet.

Callie is nervous about this big tattoo not because she is not up to the task but because Morgan was very rude to her on their first encounter. Callie also can not help that fact that her body wants Morgan in a huge way and when she is near him she has to control herself.

Morgan is 40 years old and from the moment he saw Callie, he wanted her. But Morgan held back knowing that Callie was too young for him, probably too innocent for him, and might not like the kink that he is into. 

Morgan sees the submissive in Callie and his body wants her more. Now he can see they would work well together in the bedroom.

Both Morgan and Callie try to fight their attraction to one another, but when Callie confides in Maya, Miranda, and Haley she decides to take a chance and ask Morgan to grab a bite. Callie's character does this so smooth that it could be two friends having a bite or that she wants to make sure that Morgan eats and takes care of himself after the first sitting of the tattoo. I liked that scene a lot. 

Morgan knows Callie wants more with her "grab a bite" invite and is ignoring his rudeness from the first encounter. But Morgan does not give in. He fights the attraction.

Morgan's mother is a pushy, annoying, controlling, and down right rude woman. He does not even like dealing with her. But when he tried to forget about Callie, he agrees to go with a woman (Heather) his mother would like him to be seen with at an art gala.

But Morgan's world is tilted and spun around as Callie Master's has just entered the gala on the arm of a married man, Alex.

Callie and Alex's wife are best friends and Alex's wife has falling ill with the flu and requests Callie to go in her place with Alex to the gala. Callie does not fit in and is taunted, called a whore and a slut, told she is trash and needs to leave the gala. Morgan comes to Callie's rescue a bit late but he tries to smooth it over.

As the day moves on Morgan finds himself thinking about Callie more and more. Morgan told Callie after the gala that they both can go for more in this relationship if they choose too. Now they are taking a chance on love, lust, and trust to help them understand what they both want and need from one another.

This is another good story in the Montgomery Inc series. I love the way that Morgan finally deals with his mother (even though he should have done that forever ago). I like that Morgan sees Callie as different from the other plastic barbies that his mom tries to get him to go out with for appearance sake. I also love that both characters are okay with the age difference.

Rating: 3 1/2 STARS

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