Review: Tempting Boundaries by Carrie Ann Ryan

Tempting Boundaries
(Montgomery Ink #2)
by Carrie Ann Ryan
Kindle Edition, Pages
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The second in the bestselling Montgomery Ink series. He's kept away from her for years, but now his best friend's little sister is stepping up the game.
Decker Kendrick knows it's wrong to have feelings for his best friend's little sister, but that doesn't stop his thoughts from going down that path. No matter how hard he's tried to stay away from Miranda, once she gets her sights on him, there's no backing down.
Miranda Montgomery might be the youngest of the Montgomery clan, but that doesn't mean she doesn't know what she wants. Namely--Decker. She's loved him for as long as she can remember and won't walk away until she gives it her all.
But once they give in, not all is at it seems. Decker's father's out of jail and someone from Miranda's past isn't happy with the new relationship. Even as they start to move on and overcome their pain, they'll find that their inner obstacles are the ones they'll have to face first.

Decker & Miranda

Decker had a bad childhood. His dad is an abusive alcoholic. He found the Montgomery’s and they took him in as one of their own children.

Miranda Montgomery has been in love with Decker since he walked through their door. She figured she would outgrow the crush and knowing that Decker would never feel the same way about her she tried to move on. At 23 she is even more in love with Decker and cannot keep him out of her head or fantasies.

Decker noticed Miranda growing up into a beautiful and sexy woman. He kept telling himself to stop thinking of her like that she was supposed to be his LITTLE SISTER. But Decker never felt that way towards Miranda. As an adult he tried to avoid her when he could but being a ADOPTED Montgomery made that very difficult.

Some of the family noticed the attraction they had to one another but let it go since they did not act on it. After Miranda tries to make a move and asks Decker out, she gets shot down and Decker tries to scare her so she will not try it again. Decker knows he cannot say NO to Miranda twice, he’s not that strong. But Decker feels that he is all wrong for Miranda and not good enough for her.

After Miranda gets shot down by Decker she knows she must move on and tries to go out with a nice guy from work. On the second date things go really bad and Miranda is now afraid for her safety. She ends up finding comfort with Decker and Decker can no longer hold back his feelings.

What will happen when the family finds out that they are now dating? What will happen with Griffin (Miranda’s brother and Decker’s best friend)?

Some of the Montgomery’s are very happy about the pairing others are not happy about it. Griffin has a major breakdown with the fact that Decker and Miranda hide the relationship and Decker has to smooth that over.

A lot of things take place in this installment of Montgomery Inc. Alex and Jessica, Meghan and her husband, Griffin and Decker, Austin and Sierra…… These characters all have a lot of significant life experiences happen. And poor Miranda had a very poor choice in the man she tried to date to forget about Decker.

I like the relationship of all the Montgomery’s and I liked Decker and Miranda together. I think that my favorite character is Griffin even though we don’t know a lot about him yet. I hope to see him soon with his own romance. I think he needs to fall in love with a maid since he is disorganized and messy.

Happy Reading!

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