Review: Unrequinted by Jen Frederick


(Woodlands - Book #4)

by Jen Frederick

Kindle Edition, 235 Pages
Source: Ebook - Own

Winter Donovan loves two things: her sister and her sister's ex boyfriend. She's spent her whole life doing the right thing except that one time, that night when Finn O'Malley looked hollowed out by his father's death. Then she did something very wrong that felt terribly right. 
Finn can't stop thinking about Winter and the night and he'll do anything to make her a permanent part of his life, even if it means separating Winter from the only family she has. 
Their love was supposed to be unrequited but one grief stricken guy and one girl with too big of a heart results in disastrous consequences.

Winter has had a crush on Finn since the day her sister Ivy brought him home and introduced him as her boyfriend. Winter admired from afar.

Finn dated Ivy for 3 years through high school and the 1st year of college. Ivy was a terrible girlfriend. After her parents died she began drinking and then drugs. She dropped out of college. Winter had to sell there house and spend thousands of dollars that they did not have to help her sister get sober.

Ivy went to prison for drug possession (from what I can tell, the author does not really get into any detail about the prison sentence). After Ivy got out Winter was there to help her through the tough times. Ivy fell off the wagon but is now sober 30 days.

Winter runs into Finn right after his father passes away and Finn is distraught and in need of a good friend and some understanding. With Finn's emotional state and Winter's long time crush things become a bit physical between the two of them. 

They both try to forget the encounter but secretly want to relive it again and can not stop thinking about each other.

I was hoping Finn would be soon on the series list. I think this was a good story for this character. Finn was shaken after the death of his father and still hurt from the betrayal of his mother. He needed someone to love and who loved him unconditionally.

Winter is a great character. She is loving, kind, caring, FORGIVING, selfless. You fall for the character right away and want to protect her from everyone including herself. 

I disliked Ivy (but I think we were supposed to not like her). She was selfish and did not care who she hurt to get her way. She wanted Winter all for herself even if Winter ignored her at least she was not with Finn. That makes no sense. Why would you want someone you love and care about not to be happy? I guess that happens in REAL LIFE all the time though. If you are an unhappy person, you don't want anyone else to be happy either.

Rating: 3 1/2 STARS

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