Review: Bared For Me (Be For Me - Book #3) by Natalie Anderson

Beg For Me
(Be For Me - Book #3)
by Natalie Anderson
Kindle Edition, 128 Pages
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Danielle Hughes’ longstanding crush on Rocco St Clair has turned her into a virgin spinster ahead of her time. She needs to quit craving the impossible and get control of her life. But this time, running away has gotten her more than she bargained for...
When you owe a man everything, you don’t repay him by sleeping with his sister—no matter how much you might ache for it. Rocco St Clair owes Logan Hughes, so when Logan asks him to mind his runaway sister for the night, he can’t say no. It’s only one night, right?
But Danielle Hughes is temptation incarnate. Forced together in the one hotel room, she’s testing his resolve every innocent way she can. Rocco is determined not to break and take what’s forbidden. 
But when control is broken, all will be bared.

Rocco & Danielle

Dani has had a crush on Rocco since she was a little girl.

Rocco has wanted Dani for longer than he should ever admit.

Dani wants out of her father’s grip. Dani runs from her college and does not look back. She runs to her brother Logan thinking he will understand. But when Logan wants her to return to school and does not care what she wants to do with her life she is on the run again. Rocco is sent by Logan to keep an eye on her.

Rocco knows that it is wrong to want to be with his best friends little sister. But he can only fight his feelings for so long. With Dani occupying his space at the hotel it is hard to resist her. Especially after her confession of crushing on him for so long and wanting him to be her first.

Rocco can’t believe he has to fight these feelings. But when he rejects Dani and she tries to run again, he has no choice but to tell her the truth about his feelings. Hopefully the risk of her brothers friendship will be worth the reward of Dani.

When Logan learns the truth of their relationship his reaction is not what either Dani or Rocco expected.

Rating: 3 ½ Stars
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Also Available as a 3 Book Set:
Breathe For Me, Beg For Me, Bared For Me


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