Review: Beg for Me by Natalie Anderson

Beg For Me
(Be For Me - Book #2)
by Natalie Anderson
Kindle Edition, 350 Pages
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One mistake means she's his to marry?
No one needs an image overhaul more than Logan Hughes. His notoriety has reached epic proportions thanks to a sex clip circulating on the internet. But when his newly contracted social media manager inadvertently tweets his happiness at his engagement, he--along with the rest of the world--is astounded.
With one wrong click of a button Min Jones just committed career suicide. Mixing up her client's account wouldn't have been so bad if he had only a few followers... unfortunately he has almost a million. Summoned to meet with him face-to-face, she's more tongue-tied than ever when he announces that his engagement is to stand and that she's to be his supposed fiancée.
With her career on the line Min agrees but she isn't going to hide away meek and mild. If Logan Hughes wants a fiancée, he's going to have to play by her rules and that means he'll have to learn to handle some restraint...

Logan & Min

Logan runs his own clothing company and is the face of the company. Logan models the clothing himself.

Min is in Public Relations, she is the behind the scenes online host. Basically she runs Twitter, Facebook, Instagram for the famous to busy people of the world. Her clientele is small at the moment but she is just starting out and building her business. She is also very shy and not good with face to face.

When one client wants her to announce a big moment in his life and she indirectly posts it to Logan's page instead, things get a little crazy.

Logan is furious, he can't let anything else damage his reputation after the Threesome Cell Video was leaked online. But when he meets Min he is not mad anymore and a great plan of action is formed to save her business and basically to save his life.

Through the process Min and Logan become good friends and begin to trust one another. They challenge one another and are very attracted to each other. They fight the attraction but in the end PASSION wins out and LOVE takes over their feelings. Neither want to admit what they feel, thinking the other is just going along with the plan at hand. But in the end we get our Happily Ever After.

Rating: 3 STARS

Happy Reading!

Also Available as a 3 Book Set:
Breathe For Me, Beg For Me, Bared For Me


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