Review: Breathe For Me by Natalie Anderson

Breathe For Me
(Be For Me - Book #1)
by Natalie Anderson
Kindle Edition, 227 Pages
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The last thing Chelsea Greene wants is to be rescued, but that’s exactly what happens when she’s caught wearing nothing but her swimsuit during a midnight emergency evacuation drill. Turns out her ‘hero’ is a former lifeguard who has no hesitation in offering the kiss of life. So not happening, right? But for emotionally chastened Chelsea, one touch changes everything. She discovers a desire to satisfy this arrogant, demanding tease. Unable to express her own fantasies, she finds unspeakable pleasure in serving his. 
Xander Lawson exudes easy charm. He likes a woman unafraid to match his appetite for unfettered fun. He doesn’t do complicated or emotional. But the raw need emanating from fragile Chelsea compels him closer. He can’t resist spinning a sensual fantasy world around them. As passion spills outside their carefully selected boundaries, Xander learns Chelsea’s stronger than he first thought. But is she strong enough to handle the intensity he’s always kept hidden?


Chelsea has moved to the busy city to find her independence after a horrible car accident took her fiancé Tom’s life and left her with a permanent limp, night terrors, and lack of self-confidence.

Xander playboy just living his life and trying to be in control of everything while also being carefree. Xander has made a career in the security area and is doing pretty well for himself.

When a fire alarm suddenly goes off, Chelsea is caught in only her bathing suit & in the middle of the staircase with about 20 more flights of stairs to go. Enter Xander (or as he says SUPERMAN). Xander helps Chelsea and is immediately interested in her.

The two find themselves in an interesting friendship with benefits and their lives became happy and complicated. As their relation progresses the two find themselves more comfortable with each other than they both thought possible.

Chelsea needs to find self-confidence again and take control, Xander needs to give control and find that he can confide in Chelsea and trust her with his past experiences and not be judged.

Together they concur some inter demons and find peace and happiness TOGETHER.

Rating: 3 STARS

Happy Reading!

Also Available as a 3 Book Set:
Breathe For Me, Beg For Me, Bared For Me


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