Review: Bound For Me by Natalie Anderson

Bound For Me
(Be For Me - Book #4) 
by Natalie Anderson
Kindle Edition, 91 Pages
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No names, no repercussions, no regrets...
Tense and tired from working back-to-back bar shifts, Savannah Nash finally lets her guard down, escaping into a moment of passion-fuelled fantasy with the six-foot-two, muscle-packed piece of temptation who's celebrating his last night in town.Best. Ever.But then she discovers who her ultimate lover really is. He's the reason she came to Summerhill, he's the one she wanted to make pay.
Revenge or a repeat?
Connor Hughes knows he should have confessed his true identity to the town's newly crowned ice-princess sooner, but the delicious discovery that the so-called 'frigid ball-breaker' is actually hotter than molten metal, makes him question what else she might be hiding. Sure enough, turns out she has his company on her hit list.Not. Happening.The woman might hate him, but she also wants him, and he knows exactly how close to keep this enemy.
Bound together by lust and distrust, it's not just bodies, but hearts, that are about to get burned...

Connor & Savannah

Savannah is looking for justice from Rex Hughes. Savannah’s father lost everything with a tip from Rex but she can’t blame her own father for that.

Connor is happy to take over the mountain and run things officially now that Rex is retiring. Connor knows who the new bartender is but he can’t resist her.

Connor and Savannah share a super steamy moment together and are magnets to one another ever since. Savannah had no idea who the man was that gave her that freedom and control but when she finds out her heart is hurting.

Savannah and Connor find an unlikely passion filled friendship. Even though neither wants to see it as a friendship. Connor finds out the truth about Savannah’s trust issues and Savannah finds out that the mountain is glorious and every bit as Rex described. Which makes Savannah even more mad at the situation.

**Out of all of the Be For Me series, Bound for Me had the best sex scene. It was the 1st sex scene but it was full of passion, need, energy and fun. I do feel that the author needs to have some better proof readers. There are several places in the books that could have read smoother but the grammatical errors made it a bit annoying. There are not an extreme amount but enough that it takes your focus away from the story.

Rating: 3 STARS

Happy Reading!

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  1. This book sounds smoking hot! Too bad about the grammatical errors.


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