Review: Marke Me (Hope Parish) by Zoe Dawson

Mark Me
(Hope Parish - Novella #3)
by Zoe Dawson
Kindle Edition, 81 Pages
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Rory Finnegan had one goal when he got out of the Marines. Find a place where he can settle down and open a tattoo parlor. That's when his best friend Ethan Fairchild suggests he come to Suttontowne in the Louisiana bayou. It's there that Rory gets a job bartending for Braxton Outlaw and runs smack full force into gorgeous, too young for him, Savannah Hawkins. To make matters worse, she's got an over-protective mother and an upper-crust boyfriend. It would be smart he steered clear. But Marines like Rory don't back down easily, especially after he gets much too involved with the southern beauty.
Savannah Hawkins is not sure what she's going to do with her life and is quite sick of having everyone dictate to her, especially her family. When she gets a load of pierced, tattooed and gorgeous Rory, her interest goes off the charts. Complication like life decisions and a pre-selected husband seem inconsequential when she gets to know this scarred and battle-hardened warrior. Will she discover the answers she needs or will her coming of age tear her heart apart?
Mark Me is a Hope Parish novel. It's best if the series is read in order.
Hope Parish Novel Series:
A Perfect Secret Series
Three Perfect Girls. Three Perfect Secrets. One Unholy Trinity

BOOK 1: A PERFECT MESS (Booker and Aubree)
BOOK 2: A PERFECT MISTAKE (Boone and Verity)
BOOK 3: A PERFECT DILEMMA (Braxton and River Pearl)

Hope Parish Novellas
BOOK 4: FINALLY AGAIN (Evie and Win)BOOK 5: BEAUTY SHOT (Deke and Minnie)BOOK 6: MARK ME (Rory and Savannah)BOOK 7: A PERFECT WEDDING (Booker and Aubree)BOOK 8: A PERFECT HOLIDAY (Boone and Verity)BOOK 9: A PERFECT QUESTION (Braxton and River Pearl)

Savannah & Rory

Savannah has her life mapped out by her mother. Which is very annoying and disappointing to Savannah. Savannah is supposed to marry Gray and follow him around with no career of her own. The problem is she does not love Gray and she wants to go to college and continue with the Landscaping career.

Rory is a marine who has decided to settle down in Louisiana and be near his good friend Ethan who he met while enlisted. Rory is working at Outlaws as a bartender while he gets his tattoo parlor off the ground.

Savannah has had a crush on Rory since she saw him months ago. She feels the pull to him but tries to stay away. Rory feels the same pull but knows he is no good for a sweet, innocent girl like Savannah.

Finally, they can no longer deny the attraction and want between them. Savannah makes the move and Rory cannot fight it because he wants her just as badly.

The aftermath of Savannah standing up to her mother and refusing to marry Gray could cause some serious problems for them as a couple and for Gray as a business owner. Savannah’s good friends Brax and River are there for them and a great support. With her friends help they couple might survive the storm of Savannah’s mother.

I always am disappointed that the stories are so short but the good thing about that is you get to read more stories. I liked Savannah and I like that she finally stood up for herself. I dislike the stronghold and controlling nature of her mother.

Rating: 3 ½ Stars

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