Review: The One (Halo #2) by Kimberly Knight

The One
(Halo - Book #2)
by Kimberly Knight
Kindle Edition, 258 Pages
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*This romance novel contains explicit content and is not advised for readers under 18* 
*Can be read as it's own book, but recommend you read Tattooed Dots first.* 
Avery Scott is a hopeless romantic, the complete opposite of his best friend, Easton. For most of his life, he’s been searching for that someone special to spend the rest of his life with. The problem is, he’s had nothing but bad first dates with crazy women he’s met online or at his bar, Halo. When he hears about a singles cruise, his plan is to meet a lot of single women, to test the waters, but when a blonde consumes his every thought, he throws that plan overboard. 
Nicole Chambers has had her fair share of heartbreaks. She’s tired of being single or dating guys with girlfriends. She wants to find The One. So she convinces her best friend, Brooke, to go on a singles cruise with her. What she doesn’t expect is to fall head over heels with the first guy she meets. 
But what happens once the cruise ends? 
Life isn’t always fairytales and rainbows… 
And meeting The One doesn’t always mean finding your happily ever after. Because life can give you a precious gift and then dangle it in front of your eyes and you’re left questioning where to go with your future—or if you even have one.

Nicole & Avery

Nicole is tired of the men in her life. She needs a change of scenery. Nicole tricks her Best Friend Brooke into a singles cruise (even though Brooke has a boyfriend, Nicole dislikes her boyfriend).

Brooke goes with Nicole on the cruise and they both end up meeting the loves of their lives. Brooke needs to leave her loser boyfriend Jared and realize her feelings for Easton but that was all in Tattooed Dots - Book #1 of the Halo Series.

Nicole and Avery fall for each other instantly. They spend as much time together as possible on the cruise. Once it is over Nicole has to go back to Boston and Avery has to go back to New York.

The 4 – 5 hours apart are killing them. Brooke gets her life sorted out and her and Easton find themselves in a relationship and Nicole finally moves to New York to be with Avery.

Nicole and Avery love each other but after some really unexpected but good news comes for the couple they could not be happier.

But just as life seems perfect the couple faces a tragedy that could tear them apart. Nicole feels like she is a failure and not good enough for Avery. And Avery is just ANGRY about the entire situation.

Nicole realizes she has to fight for Avery if that is what will make her life complete. But after the week she put Avery through she is not sure Avery will want her anymore.

I would have liked this story better if it was told simultaneously with Tattooed Dots. I realize that it would have made for a long book or been broken into 2 books but the 4 characters POV would have been a little easier to follow along with. I had to remember what happened with Brooke and Easton in Tattooed Dots to follow Nicole and Avery’s story. You can read this story as a standalone but because I read the first one I kept trying going back to “Oh yeah that happened in book #1”.

Nicole and Avery are a good match and you can feel that they love each other very much. At times I felt that Avery’s love was not enough for Nicole especially towards the end of the story. Nicole should not have needed time to figure it out. Avery showed her everyday how much he loved her, told her everyday…… Every girl should be that loved.

Rating: 3 STARS

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