Review: A Perfect Wedding (Hope Parish) by Zoe Dawson

A Perfect Wedding
(Hope Parish - Book #7)
by Zoe Dawson
Kindle Edition, 124 Pages
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Booker and Aubree are getting married. Being together with Booker has been difficult for Aubree with her studies and the demands of pre-med. Old doubts surface and wear on them both. Distance leads to resentment and confusion. But even as the wedding day approaches, Aubree's need for everything to be perfect wears on everyone. Can she live for the moment, or will her need to be perfect ruin everything? 
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Let me start by saying I love the Outlaws and the love they have for everyone in their lives. I love the family dynamics and that everyone is there for each other. With that being said I was a little disappointed in this story.

Booker and Aubree love each other, that has not changed. Neither one of them want to give the other one up, that will not change. So, I just did not see the point in this particular story.

Aubree is studying to be a doctor. It is a demanding or grueling schedule. DAH…..

Booker hides his feelings and thinks he needs to be perfect for Aubree. She loves you even without the perfection.

This story is about Aubree and Booker having doubts about how to deal with their future before the wedding. Not doubts about the fact that they will have a future together. Booker is feeling alone, abandoned, and neglected by Aubree because of her demanding schedule. Aubree is trying to balance med school, volunteering, sorority life, and Booker. O-Chem is kicking Aubree’s butt and she is trying to come to terms with the fact that she might not be able to be a doctor. Booker is pouting and being put on the back burner by Aubree.

They both love each other. And they will work through this transition before the wedding with the help of their friends and family.

Rating: 1 ½ stars

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