Review: One Day His by Melanie Shawn

One Day His
(Someday - Book #2)
by Melanie Shawn
Kindle Edition, 200 Pages
Source: Ebook - Own

After finding each other and falling in love in Someday Girl, Cat and Jace’s incredible love story continues in One Day His.

When the beautiful and sheltered Cat Nichols left her life in Malibu for a fresh start at college, she had no idea she would meet and fall in love with sexy former Marine Jace Butler. After confronting his difficult past together, the loving couple had hoped that the worst was behind them. But when a family emergency calls Cat back home, they will both soon realize that their newfound love is once again going to be put to the test.

This time, Cat will come to face to face with the one person who, instead of loving her unconditionally, lives to darken her world, just to make their own shine brighter. Will Cat and Jace have the strength and courage to face their deepest, darkest fears when they are challenged in ways neither of them could have imagined? Or will outside forces tear them apart once and for all?

You can’t choose the one you love, but you can fight like hell to protect them.

Author’s note: One Day His is book 2 in the Someday Series.
This trilogy was intended to be read in the following order:
Someday Girl (Someday Series, Book #1)
One Day His (Someday Series, Book #2)
Forever Us (Someday Series, Book #3)

*Intended for adults 18+

When we left off Jace and Cat were rushing back to CA due to her mother's car accident in Malibu. Cat has to go back into her childhood home/prison because Angelica needs her to help her public image. They need to look like a loving family. 

Once at Cat’s childhood home you start to see the true NASTY NATURE of Cat’s mother Angelica. How anyone could treat their daughter this way is very disturbing.

Cat suffers through it all and tries to keep her wits. Jace does not understand how Cat is the sweet loving girl she is. Jace is livid and wants to hurt all these people that speak to Cat like she is trash. This visit to her home will test Jace and Cat's relationship. Cat needs to stand up to her mother in order to ever be TRUELY FREE. When Jace stands up to Angelica she pulls out the BIG GUNS and is up to her cruel ways from trying to seduce Jace, digging up his medical records & discharge papers from the Marines, to actually bringing Natalya back into his life in an effort to break up Cat and Jace.

Cats last night is Thanksgiving and then her and Jace are home free and on their way back to college. 
It ends with a cliffhanger over Thanksgiving dinner. Even more drama unfolds with Angelica as the head of the snake.

I honestly love the chemistry between Jace and Cat. And I love that Cat is different from other girls. She does not play games and tells it like it is. This will help Jace in the relationship because he is acquiring a lot of bagging in these books so far.

Onto book #3 and the final book in this series. 

Rating: 3 1/2 STARS

Happy Reading!


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