Review: Someday Girl by Melanie Shawn

Someday Girl
(Someday - Book #1
By Melanie Shawn
Kindle Edition: 334 Pages
Source: Ebook - Own

For Cat Nichols, someday was finally here. Going away to college meant a fresh, new start for the girl who lived locked away in a prison of insecurities. She was ready to experience new things and meet new people. But she wasn’t ready for him… 
Jace Butler had encountered things no one person should have to endure. Trying to come to terms with his past, while living in the present, was a constant struggle for the man whose demons lie dormant beneath the skin of his rippling body and sexy smile. But when Cat walked into his world, his chance for a better life, came with her… 
After finding each other, Cat and Jace realize that both their past and present issues were trying to ruin their chance for a better future. Issues that will have to be dealt with – once and for all – together… or apart. 
NOTE TO READERS: This is a NEW ADULT novel, it is written in the first person, and has stronger language than our previous Contemporary Romances. It is the first book in a trilogy. This trilogy was intended to be read in the following order: Someday Girl (Someday Series, Book #1) One Day His (Someday Series, Book #2) Forever Us (Someday Series, Book #3) *Intended for Adults 18+*

Cat is a sweet girl from LA. Her mother is an actress and a bully. Cat has grown up with only her mother and the hired help as companions. Cat is excited to get out and go to college and have a life of her own without her mother’s craziness.

Jace is just out of the military and has a good job as a bartender with his friend from the service. His life is simple. Work, sleep….. That all changes when Cat walks into the bar and that is the only thing he can think about.

Cat is sweet, kind, innocent and all the things Jace should stay away from. Jace thinks he is bad news for someone as sweet and loving at Cat.

Cat wants Jace and she does not play those stupid games that others do. She just tries to be herself and hopes that is enough.

Jace and Cat figure out that they are meant to be together and they want to be together. Cat’s friends support this decision with a little hesitation after Jace was stupid and hurt Cat’s feelings.

Cat struggles to keep her home life a secret. But she feels free for the first time ever. She does not have to listen to her mother belittle her anymore she can simply hang up the phone or not answer. Cat is happy for the first time ever in her life.

This is book #1 and ends with a small cliffhanger. So onto book #2.

Rating: 3 STARS

Happy Reading!


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