Review: Everything (Songbird) by Melissa Pearl

(Songbird - Book #3)
by Melissa Pearl
Kindle Edition, 332 Pages
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Jody Pritchett had a dream...but life had other plans. Instead of singing and dancing on Broadway, Jody's a twenty-year-old single mom, living at home with her disapproving father and overbearing sister. The choice to keep her little Angelia came with a high price and although she adores her baby girl, it doesn't take away the sting of kissing goodbye her chance at a career on the stage.
Leo Sinclair had his own dream...but got lost along the way. After a failed marriage that left him hollow and downtrodden, the Australian songwriter wonders what joy his future could possibly hold. Encouraged by the one family member who doesn't think he's a failure, Leo decides to stop living the life everyone expects him to and start chasing his dreams again. When the perfect opportunity comes knocking, Leo leaves Australia behind and hops a flight to LA. With his sights set on selling a musical to a Broadway producer, Leo is determined to finally realize his life-long dream. But life gets in the way again, when he spots a young mother outside his apartment in tears. He never realized how one person, one voice, and one Angel could have him contemplating abandoning his dreams once again. 
As these two burned hearts wrestle to overcome their past struggles, Leo and Jody must decide what dreams are worth clinging to...because, sometimes, everything you want is not everything you need.

Leo & Jody

Jody is a single 20 year old Mom living back at home with her dad and sister Morgan. Jody overhears that Morgan is basically putting her life on hold because of her situation of single mother with no job.  Jody decides to look for a place of her own and a job to support herself and her daughter Angel.

Leo is from Australia and needs to get a new start after his divorce is final. He wants Broadway and sets his sights on writing a play to get him there. Leo is offered a job and place to live from his Uncle in California and takes the opportunity to get closer to his dream.

Jody is looking for a place to live and a job, Leo has both available. And a friendship starts between the two.

Leo and Jody are perfect for each other. They complement each other perfectly and have so much in common. Leo treats Jody with respect and you can feel the love he has for her through the authors words.

Rating: 3 STARS

Happy Reading!

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