Valentine's Day is let's self reflect!

I see art everyday. 
 It's in the many imperfections of life that sparks inspiration within me. 
 It's in the oddity as well as the mundane. 
 It surrounds me and yet it remains invisible until I give it validity with my acknowledgement. 

It's the little things that inspire my art. I went hiking with a friend and along the path I saw a dying flower twisted in the most unusual way. I had to capture it on my camera.  That resonated with something within me.  It used to be something, but now it's not.  The California drought has drained it of color, yet still it stands.  It  doesn't droop and in a way, it holds on in spite of the circumstances. Similar to that flower, my life has changed drastically over the last twelve months.  I'm reevaluating my path in life.  Divorce make you seriously rethink everything you thought you knew.

One thing that's constant is my motivation to pursue a career in art and design.  It haunts my dreams and invades my waking hours. I daydream of creating. It's an itch that doesn't yield until I manifest something. Someday I'll make something of the spark I got from seeing that flower.

I just celebrated a birthday then two days later a very single Valentine's day, and you know what...

I'm okay with being the unicorn. 
I don't shy away from my weirdness. 
I believe that an artist truly comes within him/her self when they stop trying to be normal. 

I am my own obstacle. 

Watch me conquer my fears.



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