Fearless: Conquering Fear!

"All my life I've had this fear.  A fear that I cannot name.  You see I know that I'm not perfect and my flaws are tease worthy, but the taught of being exposed freezes me to inaction.  And it spreads like a bee to fertilize and multiply other fears.  I fear new people because I'm scared of walking into a room and being judged.  But I'm new to a new city and I know no one.  And how will I meet anyone if the thought of meeting someone can crash and burn of unacceptance?  And so I label myself as shy.  I cannot speak in public.  I write my notes and read from a pad in front of an audience because my pad is my shield.  You see I love to talk and I love to share.  And I could do so much more if I wasn't scared.  I stand here today as mere baby steps to change, to growth.  But I long for the day when I can be completely FEARLESS!" -Kat Pierce (me)

If someone would have told me that a mitzvah would feel this awesome I would have never believed them, but it's true. Doing selfless acts is the best feeling in the whole entire world. 

Today I taught a Higher Learning workshop on being Fearless and conquering fears.

What would you do if you were not afraid? This well-known question has probably come across your mind a few times, right? This workshop was aimed at helping you identify the core of what is driving your fears and the tools to work through them.

All donations for this workshop went toward benefiting the Grateful Garment Project - a local San Jose organization that "restore dignity to victims of sexual assault by providing new clothing and other items to victims of sexual assault".

My workshop was such a success. I set out to inspire, educate, and encourage and I believe I was able to do just that. Plus I raised money for charity! I kept nothing for myself and gave my absolute all in this. I too conquered fears today! 

My heart is filled with such joy right now. I'm on cloud nine! 

Please help support victims of sexual assault, whom had the courage of coming forward.
Donate to support The Greatful Garment Project!
This non-profit aims to restore their dignity!


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