[Review]: All the Birds in the Sky by Charlie Jane Anders

All the Birds in the SkyAll the Birds in the Sky 
by Charlie Jane Anders
Hardcover, 316 pages
Published January 26th 2016
by Tor Books

See Goodreads for the synopsis!

"There's a strange beauty in the quirkiness of an insane mind. That intro though...*smh*Wow!" -my thoughts
This was my book club, Bookclub Babes (Silicon Valley, CA), book of the month for June.

Please pardon my delay in a review.  The plot of this novel revolves around a witch and a scientist.  IT start with their childhood where she spoke to animals and he created Science Digest experiments.  They were both social outcasts.  He was bullied for being the geek and she was feared for being goth.  Some psychopath enters their life with a premonition and mission that makes their teenage years far more dramatic and traumatizing  than it otherwise would have been. They are separated then fast forward to their adult years reconnect.  The things transpire that would imply that maybe that psychopath wasn't so crazy after all.

My issues with this one were primarily in the layout of the events.  It goes from children, tweens, teens, adults, then backtracks to the missing years.  The transition to adults made the characters unbearably boring.  I found myself zooming through half the book in a day only to doze off right when the story jumped.   I seriously could not go on at that point and had to invest in the audiobook to muster through.  Then things got interesting when the missing years were revealed but then tapered off again before the climatic ending.  I know fluff when I read it.  Heck, I understand fluff.  It's necessary for fluff to be in stories, but the repetition of fluff and hints before things were finally revealed was excessive.  Also while I can do without sex in an adult novel; if you're going to be there dammit be sexy.  It was so not sexy. At book club, we reread that scene and all agreed none were even a little turned on.  In the end, I admit that I actually liked the novel.  I enjoyed the dynamics between two such diverse characters.  I liked the crafting of the underground worlds that overlap and co-exist with ours.  I found this novel uniquely original, and I would recommend it to science fiction and paranormal lovers alike.



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