Rating System

EPIC Crème De La Crème
OMG, where have you been all my life.  I want to reread this until the pages fall out.  I will tell all my friends about it.  Also quote catch phases from the book until the end of time.
5 Haute Couture
I really loved this book!  All my friends will have this on their TBR lists!
4 ½ Behold My Muse For This Inspires Me
I loved this book.  I will be making garments and naming them after parts of this book! 
4 In Vogue
I love you, but I’m not in love with you.
3 ½ Dashing! Very Chic Indeed
I liked it.
3 Swank
This book was okay. I didn’t love it.  I didn’t hate it.
2 ½ Too Trendy
I like this book, but it had some issues.
2 Too Modish
It didn’t suck
1 ½ Has Potential, but It’s Just A Fad!
This book read like a copycat version of another book I’ve read.
1  I’d Rather Wear A Burlap Sack
I finished reading this book, and it was a complete waste of my time.
0 Security! Please Escort It From My Sight!
This means I could not finish the book.  Nothing personal; this book just wasn’t my cup of tea.

Note: Ratings below 3 are eligible for Review Redemption.  However I only automatically give it to books I rate as a "0".  Others are available upon request.
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